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Whats so great about kayak fishing anyway?

Fishing is one of those rare activities that one day can be absolutely exhilarating, and the very next be stupendously frustrating. Sometimes the bite is active, other times its a mystery as to what color/shape/speed/depth/or structure the fish are keying on. Only an angler can tell you what keeps them going out on the water, but what makes fishing from a kayak so great?


When fishing form shore, you're often limited by where you can even cast without getting tangled up in a tree. Larger boats are great, but you either need a dock or a public launch in order to get in the water, and of course, its always really inexpensive to buy gas...

Kayaks on the other hand can get into the water in just about any place you can access the shoreline. Once your in- you can go anywhere you wish to paddle. Nimble to maneuver and barely drafting over a couple of inches means you can sneak up on fish in areas that a bigger boat wouldn't dream of accessing. Exploring that little feeder stream that was just too narrow to get your boat down is totally possible in a yak.

Stealth and maneuverablility

Kayaks are quiet, plain and simple. You can paddle and drift through an area and not worry about spooking the fish. fishing docks and marinas is easier in a kayak, because you can weave in and out of the docks and boats, casting to those spots that you'd never be able to get a bait into otherwise.

Staying put

Anchors are just as useful in a kayak as in a boat, and they don't need to be very large to do the job. Besides anchors, theres an additional benefit to fishing from a yak, and that comes from using your surroundings to your benefit. Most fishing kayaks consist of plastic hulls, and are extremely durable. This means that any island, log, rock, or sandbar which sits adjacent to an area you want to fish is a useful place to park. Especially useful on windy days, you don't need a big fancy trolling motor to keep you in the mouth of the bay when you can just ride the boat up onto a log and fish away.

Getting out, off the beaten path and away from all the pleasure boaters certainly has its perks. Amazing sunsets like these are just a taste of what the awesome lakes and ponds of the Adirondacks have to offer.

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