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Brant Lake

July 21, 2018

Brant Lake is an often overlooked body of water just north of Lake George and South of Schroon Lake.  A Popular spot for ice fishing in the winter, it also holds some pretty big bass.  One of our members bagged a 21.5 inch, 6 pound large-mouth from a bay, and the rocky points and humps are loaded with smallmouth.  The fish are there if you can find them, which we're expecting plenty of people to do.


Virtual Captains Meeting 8pm  July 20th on Facebook Live. 


First Launch: 5:15am

First Cast: 6:00am


Last Cast: 3:00pm

Last Upload: 3:30pm


Final Captains Meeting 4:00pm at the hub.

Parking And an additional hand Launch Available too. 

Thanks to our friends at The Hub, we have a designated space to park our cars, and an additional launch to use for the lake.  Directly to the east of the Hub, they have a second dirt parking lot that will be reserved for anyone to park their vehicles during the tournament (smeared in yellow below).  They also have a dock, and a small hand launch nearby that can be used in place of the public launch down the road (the red and blue dot). 



Rules and Details

The Basics:

  • Boundaries: Open to the entirety of Brant Lake, Including the Pond located in front of The Hub.  The southern limit is the Dam flowing to the Spuytenduivil Brook on the South End, and impassable fish barriers elsewhere.

  • Catch Photo Release Format:  You must release all fish caught and submitted for the tournament, and measured on an approved measuring device (Hawg Trough or Ketch Board.) Event Identifier must be visible in every submission photo, with the fish's mouth closed, touching the bump board on the base of the ruler. 

  •  Launching:  You may launch from either the public boat launch on the south end of the lake, or the dock/Launch provided by the Hub shown on the map above.  You may not utilize any private property to launch your boat, unless it is made available to all competitors. 

  • Artificial Lures Only.

  • Notify us of any issues: We do allow competitors to leave early, as long as notice is provided ahead of time.  We want to encourage people to participate, but safety is important.  We need to have all accounted for at the end of the day. 




Brant Lake Fishing Tournament


July 21, 2018

7th of 10 live tournaments presented by the ADK KBF and Mountainman Outdoor Supply Co.


Virtual Captains Meeting – 7/20/18 @ 8pm on the ADK FB page

Earliest Launch – 5:15 am

First Cast – 6:00 am

Last Cast 3:00 pm

Latest photo submittal time – 3:30 pm

Afternoon Captains Meeting – 4:00


General Tournament Info:

  • One day "in-person" tournament

    • Tournament “buy-ins” will be accepted until 5:00 am the day of the event

    • Unique Identifiers will be determined at the virtual captains meeting (Saturday 7/20/18 at 8pm)

    • Official KBF Rules will be enforced

    • Catch – Photo – Release procedure

    • will be used to score and present event results

    • The Hawg Trough, Ketch and Yak Attack measuring boards are approved measuring devices.

    • Kayaks, SUP and canoes are the only permitted vessels.

    • Only “Paddle” and “Pedal” kayaks are permitted

    • No motors permitted*

    • *Special exceptions for disabled anglers will be authorized pending approval from tournament director


  • Launch and Boundary Restrictions:

    • Anglers may use either the public boat launch or the kayak launch on Market St. 

    • Anglers may launch no earlier than 500 am

    • Private launches/personal residences launches are not allowed for any angler.

    • “Pay-to-Launch” boat launches are allowed.

    • Southern Boundary – Spillway dam near Route 8, south of the hub.

    • Captains Meeting – The Hub – 27 Market St. Brant Lake NY

    • Afternoon Captains Meeting location:             

      • The Hub.  27 Market St. Brant Lake NY


  • Attendance is required at the Afternoon meeting – NO EXCEPTIONS***

    • No-shows at the afternoon meeting will result in disqualification


    • All anglers MUST return to Captains Meeting site and check in with tourney directors by 4:00 PM or earlier.

    • Any angler not checked in by 4 pm will be disqualified

    • In the event that an angler needs to leave the tournament early

    • ***Early check-in will be allowed only if discussed with a Tournament Director prior to the start of the tournament.


  • Tournament Format

    • Catch - Photo - Release (CPR) Format

    • for official rules

    • Five longest fish will determine the winner.

    • Tie-breakers will be determined by specific details of each angler’s catch

    • Tie-breakers will be reviewed and determined by the panel of TD’s

    • All ADK KBF Competitions are conducted using TourneyX®.

    • Each angler who wishes to participate in our event must create a free TourneyX user account before the first day of competition.


    • All submittals after 3:30 pm will be rejected. 

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