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"Sorry, are you all right?" Yaoyao lowered her head to look at the person holding the umbrella and caught a glimpse of the gentle eyes. She said in surprise, "Miss Luoting." After that, he immediately hid behind Tang Yueji. Luo Ting's maid recognized that Tang Yueji was even more angry. She stood up and asked her in a loud voice, "Girl, you are really rude. You don't feel sorry that your men hit someone." Tang Yueji smiled and said slowly, "It's normal to see no one in this place. It's our fault to bump into each other. Besides, we were still talking and laughing at that time. Why didn't you hear it when you were so close?" "You!" The maid was so angry that she blushed and couldn't help scolding all the jealousy before: "Do you think you can be so arrogant if you are spoiled? It's only temporary. It's the ability to last for a long time. We.." "Shut up." Luo Ting put away her umbrella. After glancing at the maid, she saluted Tang Yueji and said, "Don't be angry, girl. It's my child who has a bad temper and speaks freely. It's also because I didn't discipline him well." Tang Yueji was not afraid of ferocity or cunning, but she was at a loss for those soft and weak women. She opened her mouth and thought about it and went back with a riff-raff: "It's all right. It's no one's fault that this place is not good, and I shouldn't care too much." Young behind to see how big the gap between the two, suddenly covered his mouth secretly smiled. Luo Ting looked up at Tang Yueji and saw that she had beautiful features but had a sense of righteousness. She couldn't help staring at her a few more times, and the more she looked at her, the more she liked her. Tang Yueji looked embarrassed. She lowered her head shyly and pulled Yaoyao to leave. "Then we won't get in the way. Let's go first." "Wait." Luo Ting smiled at her and asked her, "Do you have anything to do when you go back?" Tang Yueji and Yaoyao took a look, and both of them were puzzled. Tang Yueji shook his head and asked,ultrasonic cutting machine, "What's the matter with the girl?" "Miss Yueji," said Luo Ting with a smile, "I wonder if you can spare some time to listen to me." Tang Yueji, who had just experienced provocation, hesitated and did ce of Luoting's gentle and kind face, she couldn't say a word. After a while, Yaoyao and the maidservant followed a few meters behind without preventing them from talking, while Luoting and Tang Yueji took a walk to the pool and stood in a place where the sun could not fall to enjoy the cool. Miss Yueji, I heard a few days ago that Demon Zun is very interested in you. Luo Ting smiled gently. Again, this kind of opening. Tang Yueji sighed silently and could only declare again: "Hearing is just hearing. The details are that I am not interested in Baililie." Luo Ting fierce meal, or the first time in the demon


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