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Her body.. Mmm Hasn't her Advent Body starved to death yet? What Yuexi left behind in the Flying Lotus Realm was not only the Fen Shen of the gods, but also the physical body of the Advent Body, which was copied later, before he left. Because yuanbao took her back, naturally he couldn't take the body with him. Yuexi also faintly sensed the prayers of the believers who used to be particularly vague, as if she could open up a channel of faith if she wanted to.. Yuexi was about to move when he suddenly stopped. The mind sends out a question to yuanbao. The information she got made her expression stiff, ".." consume the source power to open up the channel of belief, and the power of belief is transmitted, the middle loss is great! In proportion to the information given by yuanbao. The most basic channel of belief requires 10 points of source power, and the power of belief transmitted is only one in one hundred thousand. Of course, the information in yuanbao shows that. This is because the Flying Lotus Realm is a small world. If it is promoted to a medium world, the power of belief transmitted by the same belief channel can be increased a hundred times. That's about one in a thousand. This seems to be related to the gap and location between the world. Suddenly, Yuexi in the induction instantly aware of the location of the missing Fen Shen, her face a happy, at the same time look a congealed, Fen Shen had an accident! Also Suspected Master's tripod ? Chapter 598 Master Awakens (add 3/4). In the void. The sense of time is confused. Originally calm in the endless darkness, suddenly rolled up the void storm out of thin air, countless eternal material in the void suddenly surged. Broken and confused. As if an invisible giant hand were stirring in it. There are powerful people who are ready to take advantage of the void to walk, and they all retreat quickly,artificial banyan trees, intending to avoid the biggest crisis in this kind of void walking, which is for the strong people above the sixth rank who can enter the surface void. It's like a natural disaster for mortals. I dare not face it! But after this kind of catastrophe, it is generally the time for opportunity to produce. There are all kinds of extraterrestrial meteorites or some useful and useless broken materials in the void, most of which come from a kind of world attraction fishing from the outside void. A few come from within this world. The remnants of some caves or secret spaces that have been shattered. Generally speaking, the tenacity and strength of materials that can survive destruction are amazing, and whether they can be used in refining and so on is another matter. But items less than the sixth order of defense cannot exist in the void. Even if it is a stone without spirit. It also has the hardness to resist at least the sixth order of attack, and such useless stones are not uncommon in the void, and will gather together. Form pseudo-relics like islands everywhere. Where there is a fake


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